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Love and RelationshipsVacation Sex | Realizing Fantasies and How Getting Away Could Open You Up!

Let's explore how to turn up the heat and get the most out of your vacation. ...and keep it hot when you get home!

Love and RelationshipsYelling, Withholding Affection, and Other Toxic Relationship Manipulations: When is Moving On the Right Decision?

Have you reached your limit with a toxic wife, husband, or partner? This is how you begin to end the yelling, fights, and frustration.

Love and RelationshipsMarried and Cheating | 9 Reasons Your Person Might Be Looking Outside the Relationship

You never think it will happen to you, but studies show the majority of us has been attracted to someone else while while in a long-term serious relationship. These are the reasons why we keep looking.

Love and Relationships6 Types of Breakups That Get Back Together - The Ultimate Guide

We explore the different types of breakups that are likely to get back together, what can help and hurt your chances, and a little information on the scientific side, as well as, some celebrity success examples.

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