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No Likes on Tinder? | 6 Reasons Why This Happens

Not getting any bites on Tinder or other dating apps? Check out some reasons why this could be and what you can do to fix it.


Kenneth Erickson


Feb 25, 2023

Why You May Not Be Getting All Those Tinder Likes You Hoped For

There can be several reasons why you haven't received any likes on Tinder on the first day.

We look at 6 of the most common reasons here:

1. Profile Quality: Your profile is the first thing people see, and it greatly influences their decision to swipe right. Ensure you have high-quality, clear photos that accurately represent you. A poorly written bio or unflattering pictures may deter potential matches.

2. Bio Content: A well-written, engaging bio can make a huge difference. Highlight your interests, hobbies, or anything that makes you unique and interesting. Avoid sounding negative or overly picky.

3. Location: The number of Tinder users in your area will significantly affect the number of likes you receive. If you live in a small town or rural area, there might not be many users nearby.

4. Activity Level: How active you are on the app can influence your visibility to others. Swiping, messaging, and updating your profile can all increase your exposure to potential matches.

5. Settings: If your discovery settings are too restrictive (narrow age range, small distance), you may not be getting exposed to many people. Consider expanding your preferences.

6. First Impression: The first photo on your profile is the most critical. It should be a clear, high-quality photo where your face is clearly visible. Group photos, pictures with sunglasses or hats, or unclear photos might not attract many swipes.

Remember, online dating can often be a game of patience and persistence. It might just take a bit of time before you start seeing likes and matches. Good luck!

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