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6 Tips for Becoming a Tinder Top Pick

In this article we go over Tinder Top Picks and what you need to do to become a Top Pick yourself.


Kenneth Erickson


Feb 25, 2023

How to be a Tinder Top Pick

  • What are Tinder Top Picks
  • Factors associated with Top Picks
  • What you can do to help get chosen as a Top Pick

Top picks on Tinder are generated by the Tinder algorithm, so the best way to get selected as a Top Pick is to provide the algorithm with as much descriptive information about yourself so that Tinder can decide if you're a great match for another user.

The more information you have about who you are and what you want, the easier it is for Tinder to know if you'd be a good match for a particular user and thus, more likely to be chosen as a Tinder Top Pick.

Other factors that come into play are the swiping preferences of the users. If someone continuously swipes right on a certain type of profile or person, Tinder will try to recognize this cohort or "type" of person that the user seems to be interest in and check to see who else might fall into this bucket. If it thinks you do then you may get selected.

Finally, there may be something to the way your profile has been reacted to by other over time on Tinder as well. If people are consistently swiping left on you then you're less likely to be chosen as a Tinder Top pick compared to someone that people are always swiping right on.

Since Tinder Top Picks are promoted in their Premium subscription packages, they want to make sure that the people they're promoting or recommending really do resonate with the user, especially if that user is paying extra!

So really, in order to improve your chances of becoming a Tinder Top Pick it all comes down to crafting a great profile that clearly communicates who you are, what you want, and entices people to swipe right so they can find out even more about you.

Try These 6 Pro Tips to Become a Tinder Top Pick

1. Fill out as many fields in your bio as possible. When you don't take the opportunity to say more about yourself it looks like you either don't have a lot to say, that you're not serious about dating and likely just browsing, or that you're not even a real person. Hello Mr. Bot.

2. Provide multiple quality photos that clearly show what you look like, including a good pick of your face and a representative photo of your entire body. Everyone doesn't need to be a model, but at some point, if you're serious about meeting people, you will have to disclose what you look like IRL. Better to cross that bridge virtually than to do it on a first meet!

3. Include pictures that show your lifestyle and personality. Pictures are super important for online dating and can really help (or hurt) your chances of people swiping right on you. Make sure your pictures are not all bathroom selfies or the same picture from a slightly different angle. People want to see how you live your life, see that you go out, likely have friends, what you look like when you're laughing, and the silly things you do to visually communicate your personality.

4. Add things about yourself that you like to do, try, see, etc... Include things that you may not have done yet, but would really love to try with that like minded person who would get the same excitement and joy out of it as you! Mentioning dislikes is ok as well, but try to reserve these for true deal breakers. Always try to keep the positivity and fun at the forefront.

5. Give some bio info about your day to day life and lifestyle. What do you do for a living? Do you travel six months out of the year? This is all super helpful when it comes to the Tinder algorithm and the people you want swiping right on you. People are more likely to swipe when they feel like you're a good fit, and it works for you too!

6. Put some personality into your bio and not just facts or statements about yourself. Sure you can answer everything above with a bunch of bullet points, but this isn't your resume or a recipe. How you say something is just as important as what you say.

Most people love and look for some humor, wit, confidence and occasionally a little snark in the way you describe yourself. When you succeed here, you will absolutely improve your chances of people swiping right which ups the chances of being chosen as a Tinder Top Pick.


So, take your time and create a profile that really does a great job describing you and letting people know what they can expect if they take the time to get to know you better.

With so many options and swiping, you really need to help yourself stand out with quality pictures and a solid profile that not only tell people who you are, but makes them laugh, think, feel excited or turned on, or otherwise makes them stop and imagine being with you.

If you're able to do all this, then here's a high likelihood that Tinder would use a profile like yours to make their app look good too!

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