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Is My Boyfriend Gay? | Quiz

Ever wonder if your boyfriend wished his male best friend was more than "Just a Friend"? Try our quiz to see if you two may need to have an honest talk about wants, needs, and the future of your relationship.


Dympll Staff Writer


Feb 25, 2023

Is My Boyfriend Gay? Quiz

It's possible things have happened or something's been said that may have you wondering if your boyfriend might possibly be gay, fluid, etc...?

Firstly, it's important to approach such sensitive topics with respect and consideration. A person's sexuality is a deeply personal aspect of their identity and any conversation about it should be approached with empathy and understanding. Secondly, it's critical to know that no set of questions can definitively "prove" someone's sexuality. Only that person can truthfully identify and articulate their own sexual orientation.

If you suspect that your boyfriend may not be heterosexual, the best approach would be to have an open and honest conversation about it. Encourage him to feel safe and supported, so that he can share his feelings, thoughts, or concerns without fear of judgment or rejection. Rather than focusing on identifying if he is gay, consider focusing on understanding his feelings, emotions, and self-perception.

Take our quiz here to see if you may need to have a open and compassionate conversation with your boyfriend on this sensitive subject!

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