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What's the Vibe of Your Relationship? | 8 Types of Relationship Vibes

What is the vibe of your relationship? We explore some of the different types of relationship vibes.


Kenneth Erickson


Feb 25, 2023

8 Types of Relationship Vibes

The term "relationship vibes" generally refers to the overall mood or emotional atmosphere within a relationship. This term can be used to describe the emotional energy or feelings that you get from being in or observing a relationship. These vibes can be positive or negative, depending on the dynamics of the relationship.

1. Positive Vibes

Positive relationship vibes might mean there's a sense of harmony, understanding, mutual respect, love, happiness, and good communication between the partners. They might frequently laugh together, support each other, and seem generally content in each other's company.

2. Negative Vibes

Negative relationship vibes could suggest that there is tension, frequent misunderstandings, disrespect, or unhappiness. This could be reflected in things like constant arguing, lack of communication, or visible discomfort when the two individuals are together.

Remember, this term is not clinical or used in formal psychology, but rather a colloquial term people use to describe feelings or perceptions about relationships.

All vibes aren't just positive or negative

Relationship vibes can be complex and nuanced, and may not always fit into the simple categories of "positive" or "negative."

Here are a few additional types of vibes you might encounter in a relationship:

3. Neutral Vibes

These relationships may feel stable and calm, but might also lack the spark or intensity that some people associate with romantic love. It's not necessarily bad — it might mean the relationship is comfortable and steady.

4. Exciting/Passionate Vibes

These relationships are characterized by high intensity, passion, and excitement. They can be thrilling but also potentially unstable, as they might involve frequent ups and downs.

5. Secure Vibes

This type of vibe often stems from relationships where there is a strong sense of trust and security. The partners feel safe, understood, and appreciated. There's mutual respect and usually effective communication.

6. Anxious Vibes

Anxious vibes can come from relationships where there's insecurity, and often involve feelings of worry or unease. This could be due to fear of losing the partner, jealousy, or lack of trust.

7. Avoidant Vibes

This vibe is often seen in relationships where one or both partners are distant or emotionally unavailable. This might involve avoiding intimacy or shying away from commitment.

8. Nostalgic Vibes

Sometimes, relationships can have a strong sense of nostalgia or sentimentality. This vibe is often associated with long-term relationships, where shared history and memories contribute significantly to the bond between the partners.

Any given relationship might feature a mix of these vibes at different times. It's also important to note that these vibes are subjective and can be interpreted differently by different people. It's always crucial to communicate with your partner about how you're feeling in a relationship.

Ultimately, the vibe that works for you and your partner is the right vibe for a successful relationship.

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