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Does Hinge Notify Screenshots?

Worried about screenshotting something on your Hinge dating app? Go ahead, nothing to worry about there.


Dympll Staff Writer


Feb 25, 2023

Does Hinge Send Screenshot Notifications?

  • Does Hinge send screenshot notifications to profile owners?
  • Why people may take Hinge profile or conversation screenshots

Will Hinge send a notification if you snap a screenshot? Are profile owners alerted?

Hinge does not notify profile owners when someone takes a screenshot of their profile. This includes any and all pictures and conversation.

With technology today it's normal to wonder what kind of notifications are built into social dating apps such as Hinge.

When Snapchat implemented screenshot notification functionality it made many people a little nervous and made them think twice about screenshots they might take on the downlow.

There's no doubt that during the initial flirting and get to know you sessions that if you suddenly received a notification that the person you just met, and really don't no much about, just took a screenshot of your profile or a picture that you may have just sent privately.

It would probably feel super weird and, worst case, send creeper stalker vibes that may actually derail the connection and mess everything up before it even had a chance to get started.

There are some reasons people might take a Hinge screenshot of a profile

If you didn't already know that Hinge won't send a notification about screenshots you may not think that it's worth the risk. Nothing to worry about! Screenshot away.

No one will ever know unless you tell them or they get access to your photo roll, lol.

There's a number of innocent reasons you may want to take a screenshot on Hinge.

Maybe you just had the most amazing text conversation and you can't stop smiling at the exchange. If this happens to be the beginning of a long term love, there's no way you want to forget that this is where it all started. Eventually, you will move conversation off the app and/or just delete it entirely, so a screenshot is the only way to grab it before it's gone!

What if you want to get your best friend's opinion on a picture or a bio? Again, nothing wrong with that, completely innocent, and probably a great idea as your best friend always give you great advice and has a sixth sense about your prospective romantic partners.

Hey, this is all part of the dating process, so go ahead and take those screenshots to either get that best friend opinion or capture that moment for prosperity and don't worry about getting busted or freaking anyone out. Hinge will not send anyone a notification of a screenshot on the app.

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