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17 Types of Guys You'll Meet on Tinder (2023)

We break down the types of guys you are most likely to find when swiping on your favorite dating apps!


Dympll Staff Writer


Feb 25, 2023

The 17 Types of Guys You'll Meet on Tinder

Anyone that used Tinder long enough will start to spot the different "types" of guys that are on the app. Actually, it really doesn't even take that long. After a week or so of swiping, and swiping, ...still swiping, you see similar stereotypes over and over.

This kinda makes sense since Tinder is one of the number one dating apps in the world with millions of users. With this, you get exposed to a variety of dudes and their representative dating app personas.

Now, we're not saying that there're either only good ones and bad ones. I mean, we like to believe there's a right person at the right time for everyone. They're definitely not all my cup of tea, but some are and others could be depending on how I'm feeling and what I'm up for.

So after a significant amount of swiping and without further ado, we give you the guys of Tinder.

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Types of Guys on Tinder

1. The Casual Browser

This type of guy doesn't have serious intentions for dating or even looking to hook up. He's just on the app out of curiosity or to pass the time.

Mr. Casual's profile has one random pic of a sunset or landscape and even less in his bio. When he does message it's typically short uninvested answers to your questions questions only.

If you try to suggest meeting up or doing anything off the app that resembles dating, you'll either get lame excuses or crickets. If you're looking to meet up don't waste your time, but if you're into virtual relationships, this one may be for you.

2. The Relationship Seeker

This guy is actually looking for a long-term relationship. This basically means he's gonna put in the effort, like having pictures of his actual face and body and a bio with more than just an eggplant emoji.

He specifically states he's looking for something serious and includes additional detail about what he's looking for in a partner and his own likes and dislikes. When you match, he's the first one to say "hi" and it's not just hi, he's willing to have an actual get to know you conversation.

3. The Hookup Hunter

These guys are mainly looking for casual encounters and we say guys because there are many. No shade here, it is Tinder after-all, and the ladies sometimes want the same thing as well!

Their bios are decent, less informative than the Relationship Seeker, but focused on humor and the fun things they like and want to do, or at least the more covert ones do this.

For the more overt we can just go back to Mr. Eggplant emoji or something similar. Again, no shade! You can't fault anyone for communicating their exact intentions. No trickery here, just an invitation for some no-strings attached physical fun, which is made clear the minute they start messaging.

Though for this version of the Hookup Hunter, you may know what his body looks like, but chances are the face will be a mystery until he sits down next to you at the bar. You're rolling the dice on this one. Hope you have an exit strategy!

4. The Networker

Though rare, this guy uses Tinder to make friends or expand his social or professional network. He's either new to an area, looking to explore different social circles, or recently out of a relationship and not quite ready to date yet, but interested in seeing who's out there.

He takes the safe position of no expectations dating. He might highlight his professional achievements, hobbies, or interests to attract like-minded individuals or those who can expand their social or professional network. Our take is this is 20% legit and 80% just some smooth operator tactics.

5. The Traveler

Pretty straight forward here. This guys is basically the Hookup Hunter on the move. He's not from the area (or is he?) and is just passing through your city or town and hoping to "meet" locals or other travelers to show him around or fill up down time in the evenings.

When you connect with this guy you pretty much know what to expect, so don't get upset when he gets bent because you don't want to grab one last drink back at his hotel room.

6. The Validation Seeker

This guy is basically your Casual Browser with a bit more of a mission. He can't date or isn't looking to actually meetup for whatever reason, probably because he's in a relationship.

But, it's likely this relationship is either on the rocks or he's not getting what he wants out of it, and he's testing the water to gauge interest. Validation Seeker is more interested in the satisfaction he gets from matches and likes than in actual meetings or relationships. But, he really does put some effort into his bio, and probably includes a lot of detail about what he wants and likes.

He needs to if he wans to collect matches. You get a sense of his personality and he really does seem sincere and a cool guy to get to know. Chances are the pictures are curated in such a way to still keep his identity hidden, but you get just enough to not be sure if he's trying to hide. The only way you'll know for sure is if he ends up swiping right on you, but never messaging you back or always too busy to follow through on an actual date.

7. The Catfish

The Catfish is the shady version of the Casual Browser and Validation Seeker combined. He basically lies about everything in his profile picture or bio. He's almost a bit too over the top with his pictures and conversation.

You'll never meet this guy because he really doesn't exist. There's a high chance there could also be a scam in the works, so if the conversation starts to involve money, BAIL! He'll sound cool in the beginning, but it's eventually become a struggle to get a straight answer or commitment out of this guy. Recognize it fast and don't waste your time!

8. The Virtual Voyager

You will likely never meet this guy either, but at least his intentions are clear and he's not out to scam you! He just wants to have online fun and share some steamy conversation and pics with you.

He's either direct and mentions in his bio this is all he wants or he almost immediately starts a sexual conversation or hits you with a D pic to gauge your reaction.

Virtual erotic or sexual encounters is his thing, most likely because he already has a wife or girlfriend and he's just looking to spice up his sex life. He's not always available to chat when you are, but when he's free, he won't leave much to the imagination.

9. Unicorn Hunters

This guy, or couple, is one that if you so choose, is 100% up for meeting IRL. And that's because no one's hiding anything since it's the couple that's looking together. This couple, usually a heterosexual one, is looking for a third person, often a bisexual woman (the "unicorn"), to join their relationship or sexual activities.

Engage in consensual non-monogamous activities, such as threesomes or polyamorous relationships is their turn-on and adds some spice to what may have been a traditional vanilla sex like before this.

Again, this is all communicated very clearly in the beginning and there really shouldn't be any surprises. This is usually NSA fun only and, strictly speaking, not really "dating".

10. The Fitness Fanatic

We'd be remiss if we didn't shout out the gym rat or Mr. Fitness. When you look at his pics and read his bio, it's pretty exhausting. We get it, he probably runs a marathon into work each morning.

Fitness is his life. HIs profile includes pictures of him working out, participating in sports, or showing off his sculpted physique. His bios talks a lot about his favorite workouts and amazing diet. So, while the thought of this guy is appealing, chances are you need to be a fitness maniac too in order to give this thing a serious go. Or, you pull the reverse hookup and dip after he first date? You can always blame a pulled hammy.

11. The Nerd/Geek

The opposite of our fitness guru, these guys embrace their love for things like video games, comic books, science fiction, technology, or other traditionally "nerdy" interests. Their profiles might include references to their favorite games, shows, or books, and they might be interested in connecting with others who share or respect these interests. If you enjoy a little cosplay or Comic-Con then this is your guy!

12. The Metro Guy

So pretty, for a man. This guy is usually very clean-cut, urbane, sophisticated, and fashion-conscious.

His profile looks like a photo shoot for a Euro fashion magazine, including trendy locations, or refined hobbies like wine tasting or attending art galleries. Nothing wrong with any of this and we actually applaud the open bookness of your finely quaffed profile!

13. The Checklist Chaser

For all intents and purposes this guy is just trying to lay it all out there perfectly clear. No games. He knows what he wants, but maybe more accurately, what he doesn't want.

Because of this there's a hint of high maintenance and low flexibility in his bio and personality. We can only guess where this comes from and it's very likely he was burned in a previous relationship and now wants something very specific. The positive here is you know exactly what you're getting and potentially, exactly what you want!

14. The Worldly Intellectual

Have you ever wanted to date a professor or that guy in the jazz bar or coffee shop that seems to know, and have an opinion, on everything? This may just be your guy. His profile oozes education, cultural experiences, and intellectual stimulation. If you can't keep up with his intellectual pursuits and at least try to challenge his take on literature, philosophy, art, and world issues, then please don't waste his time.

You'll know this intellectual by his pretentious travel photos and the quotes from favorite authors, or references to academic or cultural interests. He uses a lot of $$$$ words, so make sure to have your dictionary handy!

15. The Homebody

Just like there're people that need to get out, party, and never waste any downtime doing nothing, this guy enjoys the comforts of home and prefers a quiet, relaxed lifestyle.

His idea of a great evening might involve watching a good movie or TV series, cooking a nice meal, or enjoying a book. He will share pictures that represent his home life, like cozy living spaces, pets, or favorite comfort foods. The Homebody is a great match for someone who appreciates a relaxed, quiet lifestyle.

He could potentially provide a comforting balance for someone with a more active or extroverted lifestyle who enjoys some downtime or another Homebody that's done with the party life.

The key to compatibility is mutual understanding, respect, and the ability to enjoy each other's company, whether that's out exploring the world or at home on the couch.

16. The Handy Man

He's not just handy, he's also your outdoorsy adventure hunter, fisher, and all around DIY type of guy. He places more emphasis on practical skills, hands-on experiences, and grounded, everyday activities.

He's not impressed by your academic discussion, extensive travel, or high culture, and instead finds joy in local events, outdoor activities, home-cooked meals, and beers. His profile probably shows off his dog, the fish he caught, and a campfire drinking beers in the backyard. Oh, not to mention his amazing beard and sweet arms!

17. The Parent

Our final guy, you guessed it, has kids. He probably has his kid(s) either the majority of the time or he's heavily involved with them. Parenthood is a central part of his identity. He may not have a super free schedule, but if your weekends synch up, you guys might be able to enjoy soccer one weekend and margaritas in bed the next!


These are just the some of the big buckets of prolife types you'll see. Of course there are nuances to each of these and many Tinder bros can mix and match across types.

For instance, you can very easily find a Hookup Hunter hat turns into a Relationship Seeker, maybe you're the one to flip him! Conversely, you'll also often find a Relationship Seeker that's actually a closet Hookup Hunter. If only these guys had signs! At the end of the day, this is what dating is all about and for every loser out there I like to think there's a whole bunch more keepers. Happy swiping!

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